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on Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I wrote this thinger for the Significant Objects project, which describes itself LIKE THIS: …

I’ll actually describe it. The description on the website is long. The curators, Rob Walker and Josh Glenn, find rummagey objects at rummagey sales, buy them for a pittance, and then assign them to writers who then use the TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF NARRATIVE to make the objects significant. Little objects embiggened by tales and lore. The objects are then put on EBay along with the story and folks can bid on them. And bid and bid and bid. Mine started at 0.50 and is now at a HANDSOME $11.50. Maybe you’d like to own this object! Here is a horrid screencap of it (it’s the first screencap I’ve ever taken. I just busted my screencapturing virginity. Oosh.)

Picture 3

And here’s the link to the story.

Please bid! Please please please! It’s the only way of knowing that you read this blog! (I mean, that and email, I guess. I guess you could just email me. BUT JESUS, you guys never do? And you NEVER comment! Except for the spammers!!!!!!!!!)

This happened today. And even though this happened, something else happened (an end happened), and that something else made me sad (the ending thing), and the something else (end) is eclipsing the happiness of the Significance Project. Because the thing that happened (you know, the ending something) is more significant than the Significance Project and t’will always be t’thus.

And now, I eat BEEF STEW.

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